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Signs for a variety of "short term" uses

  • Most commonly, material is corrugated plastic; often referred to as Coroplast or Plasticor.  The material is water resistant but degrades in strong sunlight.  Larger signs require require some backing for support against winds.

  • Common uses:

    • Real Estate & For Sale by Owner

    • Special event advertising

    • Golf Tournaments and other sponsored events

    • Indoor sale and promotional signs

  • Things to consider:

    • Cost (this is the lowest cost, custom sign type)

    • Size.  Up to 4'x8' in a single sheet.  16-18"x24" common for sponsor signs; 24"x32" common for real estate and promos

    • Support or stakes.  "Step-Stakes" available at nominal cost for smaller sizes.  Larger sizes may need backing or support.

    • Copy.  Text only; text & graphics; or full-colour

    • Keep it simple!  Go for maximum "readability."  Don't let the design cost overshadow the economy of these signs.

    • Life span.  Plan for 1 year maximum if outdoors, or shorter in severe weather.

    • Corrugations in the material are visible when viewing close-up.  Consider a solid PVC material for nicer displays, trade shows, etc.

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