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Other "Custom" Storefront Sign Options

  • "Push-Thru" letter signs

    • Materials

      • Aluminum composite background with negative of letters cut out

      • 3/4" thick acrylic letters, router-cut and "pushed through" from the back side of the face(s)

      • Faces may be covered with translucent vinyl colours, or left white

      • Illuminated with LED modules

    • PROs

      • Appearance of individual letters at night (background is opaque)

      • Cabinet to contain lighting can be much thinner than conventional "box signs"

      • Pre-assembly makes for quicker, simpler installation

      • Generally less expensive than channel letter signage

    • CONs

      • Roughly 1/2" projection of letters provides some 3-D effect by day, but not to the extent of channel letters

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